General Information

Morning Arrival

School doors open daily to students at 9:10 AM.  (For safety, we ask that students not arrive prior to 9:10 AM.)  The late bell is at 9:20 AM.  Students should arrive to school no later than 9:20 AM in order to not be marked late.  Breakfast is served daily only until 9:20 AM daily. 

Carpool Lane

For parents who drop-off or pick-up students in the carpool area, we ask that you please remain in your vehicles and use the carpool lane during drop-off and pick-up. Please pull-up as far as possible when entering the carpool lane to allow room for cars behind you.

For safety reasons, do not drop students off in the parking area.  Doing so forces students to cross through the parking lot and through the carpool lane to get to the school building.  Please always use the carpool lane when dropping-off or picking-up.  Also, when entering and exiting the parking lot, please do not go around other vehicles.  There is only one lane in and one lane out of the parking lot.

If you are parking and escorting your child to the school building in the morning or picking your child up from the front of the school in the afternoon, please be sure to use the designated crosswalk.

Faculty Parking Lot

The upper parking lot on the west side of the school (by the tennis courts) is reserved for staff parking only.  Only Winand faculty and staff who are in possession of a staff parking permit are able to enter this lot and park in this lot.  Please do not enter this lot or move the gate/barrier to enter the lot.  There is no student drop-off or pick-up in this lot.

Parents, family members, and visitors should utilize other available parking options such as street parking on Scotts Level Road by the tennis courts or the main parking lot on the east side of the school (by the basketball courts).

Visitor Procedures

All visitors to the school building must report to the main office for a visitor's pass before proceeding to their destination within the school.    When visiting a teacher or classroom, please be sure to contact the teacher ahead of time to arrange the visit.  Please refrain from visiting classrooms during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal as these are very busy times for teachers and students.  Teachers are unable to meet or visit with parents during these times.

Early Dismissal Procedures

In the event that you ever need to pick up your child early from school, we ask that you please do so prior to 3:30 PM unless it is an absolute emergency.  Trying to manage early dismissals after 3:30 PM (as we begin preparing for regular dismissal) can often be challenging due to time constraints and staffing needs at this time. 

Please be sure to email your child's teacher ahead of time when picking up your child early from school so that the teacher is aware before you come to the school building.

In addition, anyone picking up a student for early dismissal must be listed as a contact person for the child in the school's database.  The school is not able to release students to anyone other than those persons listed as contacts for a child.