Our History

Winand Elementary School is located on a 19-acre lot, formerly the Carr plantation, in the northwest area of Baltimore County. Winand opened to students on September 8, 1966 under the leadership of M. Irene Scally, the first principal. The school had 18 regular classrooms and housed 600 students in grades 1-6. As the school was already overcrowded, plans were in place for a building expansion to include another 6 classrooms. Extensive home building in the neighborhood caused the school population to grow to 700 students in its first year.

Kindergarten students were enrolled at Winand in the 1969-1970 school year and housed in the Pikesville Annex. The following year construction began on the expansion of the main building. This addition was opened in 1970 with two kindergarten classrooms and a six classroom area open space. Winand was one of Baltimore County’s first air conditioned schools, part of an experiment to see if fully air conditioned schools could be operated with cost efficiency. The current Winand campus includes a four-room modular addition. Winand is home to approximately 480 students in grades K-6.

Winand fosters academic and social development for all students. We prepare our children to be responsible, respectful and cooperative in a safe and nurturing environment. We are committed to building the foundation for our students to become responsible lifelong learners and productive citizens.

Over the past several years, Winand Elementary has enjoyed a professional partnership with Goucher College. As a Professional Development School (PDS), Winand has made a commitment to provide mentor teachers to students enrolled at Goucher as they complete student internships and their student teaching assignments under the tutelage of our experienced staff.

As a PDS, Winand has also been the site for several Goucher courses. This provides Winand staff, as well as other BCPS personnel, the opportunity to take Goucher courses at a reduced rate.