Nurse's Corner

Your student's health and safety is very important to us at Winand!

For any health-related questions/ concerns/inquiries, please contact our school nurse, Ms. Dietz ([email protected]). 

For more information, please review the information below and visit the BCPS Office of Health Services Website: Office of Health Services-Division of School Climate and Safety


In the tabs below, parents can find information about the doctor prescribed medication form, the discretionary medication formnotes on illness, and immunizations.

If you need to contact the nurse, please call: 443-809-6046

If your child needs medication administered at school, please complete the form linked below:
Parent Request to Administer Medication

There has been a recent increase in cases of measles in the US, including in Maryland. If your student has turned 5, please be sure to schedule an appointment with their healthcare provider for updated vaccines. The shots scheduled for 5-year-olds include a booster for measles and provide extra protection against measles. These shots are required vaccine to begin kindergarten.

Measles Flyer